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To deploy Minio on DC/OS, you can use a Universe package, or create a customized config file. We at Minio recently released an official universe package to enable single click Minio deployment on a DC/OS cluster.

1. Prerequisites

2. Setting up Minio

You can install Minio Universe package using the DC/OS GUI or CLI.

Minio installation on DC/OS GUI

Visit the DC/OS admin page, and click on Univers on the left menu bar. Then click on the Package tab and search for Minio. Once you see the package, click the Instal button on the right hand side. Then, enter configuration values like the storage and service type you’d like to use with your Minio instance. Finally enter the public Marathon-LB IP address under networking >> public-agent, and click Review and Install.

This completes the install process. Before you can access Minio server, get the access key and secret key from the Minio container logs. Click on Services and select Minio service in DC/OS admin page. Then go to the logs tab and copy the accesskey and secretkey.

Minio installation on DC/OS CLI

To install Minio package via CLI, type

$ dcos package install minio

3. Uninstalling Minio

To uninstall Minio package via CLI, type

$ dcos package uninstall minio

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