Minio Client Quickstart Guide

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Minio Client (mc) provides a modern alternative to UNIX commands like ls, cat, cp, mirror, diff, find etc. It supports filesystems and Amazon S3 compatible cloud storage service (AWS Signature v2 and v4).

ls       List files and folders.
mb       Make a bucket or a folder.
cat      Display file and object contents.
pipe     Redirect STDIN to an object or file or STDOUT.
share    Generate URL for sharing.
cp       Copy files and objects.
mirror   Mirror buckets and folders.
find     Finds files which match the given set of parameters.
diff     List objects with size difference or missing between two folders or buckets.
rm       Remove files and objects.
events   Manage object notifications.
watch    Watch for file and object events.
policy   Manage anonymous access to objects.
session  Manage saved sessions for cp command.
config   Manage mc configuration file.
update   Check for a new software update.
version  Print version info.

Docker Container


docker pull minio/mc
docker run minio/mc ls play


docker pull minio/mc:edge
docker run minio/mc:edge ls play

Note: Above examples run mc against Minio play environment by default. To run mc against other S3 compatible servers, start the container this way:

docker run -it --entrypoint=/bin/sh minio/mc

then use the mc config command.



Install mc packages using Homebrew

brew install minio/stable/mc
mc --help


Binary Download

Platform Architecture URL
GNU/Linux 64-bit Intel
chmod +x mc
./mc --help

Microsoft Windows

Binary Download

Platform Architecture URL
Microsoft Windows 64-bit Intel
mc.exe --help


You can install the latest minio-client snap, and help testing the most recent changes of the master branch in all the supported Linux distros with:

sudo snap install minio-client --edge --devmode

Every time a new version is pushed to the store, you will get it updated automatically.

Install from Source

Source installation is intended only for developers and advanced users. mc update command does not support update notifications for source based installations. Please download official releases from

If you do not have a working Golang environment, please follow How to install Golang.

go get -d
cd ${GOPATH}/src/

Add a Cloud Storage Service

If you are planning to use mc only on POSIX compatible filesystems, you may skip this step and proceed to everyday use.

To add one or more Amazon S3 compatible hosts, please follow the instructions below. mc stores all its configuration information in ~/.mc/config.json file.


Alias is simply a short name to your cloud storage service. S3 end-point, access and secret keys are supplied by your cloud storage provider. API signature is an optional argument. By default, it is set to "S3v4".

Example - Minio Cloud Storage

Minio server displays URL, access and secret keys.

mc config host add minio BKIKJAA5BMMU2RHO6IBB V7f1CwQqAcwo80UEIJEjc5gVQUSSx5ohQ9GSrr12 S3v4

Example - Amazon S3 Cloud Storage

Get your AccessKeyID and SecretAccessKey by following AWS Credentials Guide.

mc config host add s3 BKIKJAA5BMMU2RHO6IBB V7f1CwQqAcwo80UEIJEjc5gVQUSSx5ohQ9GSrr12 S3v4

Example - Google Cloud Storage

Get your AccessKeyID and SecretAccessKey by following Google Credentials Guide

mc config host add gcs BKIKJAA5BMMU2RHO6IBB V8f1CwQqAcwo80UEIJEjc5gVQUSSx5ohQ9GSrr12 S3v2

NOTE: Google Cloud Storage only supports Legacy Signature Version 2, so you have to pick - S3v2

Test Your Setup

mc is pre-configured with, aliased as "play". It is a hosted Minio server for testing and development purpose. To test Amazon S3, simply replace "play" with "s3" or the alias you used at the time of setup.


List all buckets from

mc ls play
[2016-03-22 19:47:48 PDT]     0B my-bucketname/
[2016-03-22 22:01:07 PDT]     0B mytestbucket/
[2016-03-22 20:04:39 PDT]     0B mybucketname/
[2016-01-28 17:23:11 PST]     0B newbucket/
[2016-03-20 09:08:36 PDT]     0B s3git-test/

Everyday Use

Shell aliases

You may add shell aliases to override your common Unix tools.

alias ls='mc ls'
alias cp='mc cp'
alias cat='mc cat'
alias mkdir='mc mb'
alias pipe='mc pipe'
alias find='mc find'

Shell autocompletion

You may also download autocomplete/bash_autocomplete into /etc/bash_completion.d/ and rename it to mc. Don't forget to source the file to make it active on your current shell.

sudo wget -O /etc/bash_completion.d/mc
source /etc/bash_completion.d/mc
mc <TAB>
admin    config   diff     ls       mirror   policy   session  update   watch
cat      cp       events   mb       pipe     rm       share    version

Explore Further

Contribute to Minio Project

Please follow Minio Contributor's Guide